Case Study - Maxis, Kuala Lumpur

Project data

  • Customer
  • Maxis Mobile Sdn Bhd
  • Area
  • 60,000 sq ft
  • Programme duration
  • 11 weeks
  • Completion date
  • November 2015
  • M&E Engineer
  • Perunding Shanu


Spanning two and a half floors of Sunway Pinnacle,
this marked the third project delivered by ISG within
the building, having delivered successfully for Boral and
Ericsson previously. Built over a period of 11 weeks this
project is clearly a unique office.

A vibrant workplace

The office area contains 840 bench style workstation positions delivered through Zen Pro.  Herman Miller task chairs provide a highly aesthetic and ergonomic solution in terms of the fixed desk seating.  Whilst the office area was generally an open plan, the setting out of almost random furniture clusters interspersed with graffiti graphics provides for a positive and fresh environment from which to work in.

Themed design approach

No meeting room in the facility is the same and with 9 meeting rooms, a diverse and one of a kind approach can be seen.  With a variety of sizes accommodating anywhere between 3 to 25 people, the meeting rooms are flushed with creativity.  With an array of finishes, ISG have delivered rooms that are based on a table tennis theme complete with net and 51 table tennis bats through to a basketball theme complete with hoops and court markings.

The centre core of the building has been converted into collaboration areas and where the dummy lift bank is located an environment akin to the inside of a container replete with sliding glass doors, soft furnishing and industrial lighting provides a creative environment for brainstorming.

Functional spaces

Four training rooms provide a capacity for 122 people with the increased flexibility of two training rooms being divided by an operable wall and henceforth providing capacity for larger training sessions comprising 60+ attendees.  With all of these areas focused attention on acoustics has seen operable wall construction and attention paid to above ceiling baffles to offer high STC ratings for these areas.

The breakout spaces in the office comprise two main types of space.  The more conventional space comprises a café like environment complete with café style amenities and fussball and pool tables.  The alternative breakout spaces comprise quiet collaboration spaces arranged through pod like booths with curtains together with suspended swings for staff contemplation.

Inviting collaboration spaces

Unique volume of curious

The café area forms the centre piece of the office and provides seating for 56 people. Through a variety of finishes that include brick clad and graffiti backdrops, a feature wall containing tyres, guitars and two drum kits through to an open plan ceiling replete with hanging surf boards, the space offers a creative backdrop and environment from which employees can mix and eat. The project is considered unique from the volume of curious integrated into the scheme with ISG sourcing and procuring the following:

■ Drums
■ Acoustic Guitars
■ Surfboard
■ Skateboard
■ Ping Pong Bats
■ Sprayed paint scooter tyre
■ Rock Climbing Grips
■ Rattan Swing Seat
■ Double Seater Swing