Case Study - Flying Emporium KLIA 2, Kuala Lumpur

Project data

  • Customer
  • Valiram Group
  • Area
  • 14,500 sq ft
  • Programme duration
  • 8 weeks
  • Project Manager
  • Valiram Group
  • Architect
  • Kingsmen Design Pte Ltd
  • M&E Engineer
  • Jurutera Perunding Gen Sdn Bhd


ISG was awarded the Flying Emporium within the new KLIA2 airport, housing many of Valiram's worldwide brands.

The store spans 14,500 sq ft and it accommodates over thirty different brands off the shelves which require highly customised joinery built specifically to suit the design requirements. The project was delivered in a live working environment, with over 3000 construction workers delivering in other areas of the airport. It was delivered on time and under extremely difficult logistical constraints, the Flying Emporium is the biggest store of its kind within the airport departure area.

The project

Given the high quality of the floor finishes and the fast track sequencing of work, the completed floors were then subjected to significant traffic over the completion stages of the project. As part of our responsibilities as main contractor, ISG applied a  protection solution to the floors that comprised of PVC sheeting, 6mm thick plywood and another layer of plastic canvas to avoid the potential for any damage to the floor finishes. The illuminated shop-front and façade was designed and endorsed by ISG to the strict requirements within the new KLIA2 airport.

With coordination being a key priority, ISG provided a strong hands on site management team of 4 staff to coordinate the stringent logistic requirements enforced by KLIA 2 the security department and accommodating significant design enhancement direction throughout the programme.  

The Flying Emporium was completed in conjunction with two Victoria Secret's store within KLIA2, also under the Valiram Group.